Lady Gaga looks back on ‘Sopranos’ role

2021.12.03 02:20 NewsElfForEnterprise Lady Gaga looks back on ‘Sopranos’ role

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2021.12.03 02:20 darrenjyc The Bhagvad Gita – Join an online Reading Group for this Foundational Text of Indian Philosophy – meetings every Friday, no background required

The Bhagvad Gita – Join an online Reading Group for this Foundational Text of Indian Philosophy – meetings every Friday, no background required You are cordially invited to join us in the study of Bhagvad Gita. Join us in studying the foundational classic of Indian philosophy.
Gita is an extremely short work of less than 40 pages in Sanskrit. It is divided into 18 chapters. We will be studying one chapter each Friday at 9pm ET.
You are welcome to choose any translation that speaks to you. Shrikant is using Sri Aurobindo's translation here:
You can listen to a chapter in Bhagvad Gita on YouTube in 7 to 13 minutes. Listen to multiple versions to find one that speaks to you.
"The Gita... is a gate opening on the whole world of spiritual truth and experience and the view it gives us embraces all the provinces of that supreme region. It maps out, but it does not cut up or build walls or hedges to confine our vision. " — Sri Aurobindo
This series meets weekly on Fridays. Sign up for the Dec. 3 meeting here -
Subsequent Friday meetings can be found on the group's calendar.
This Meetup will take place on Zoom. RSVP before the Meetup starts to get the Zoom link.
For the Dec. 3 meeting we will be starting with Chapter 2: verses 54 to 72 on characteristics of Sthitaprajna or one who is stable/firm in wisdom followed by an overview of Mahabharata.
In Verse 54, Arjun asks ShriKrishna "What are the characteristics of a Sthitaprajna?" We will be discussing the concept of Sthitaprajna as described by Krishna in Verses 55 to 72 in response to Arjun's question.
Please read Wikipedia article on Mahabharata here to familiarize yourself with the context in which Gita is spoken:
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2021.12.03 02:20 TrendsWide Alec Baldwin talks about the death of Halyna Hutchins: “I don’t feel guilty because I don’t feel responsible” | Culture

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2021.12.03 02:20 AutoNewspaperAdmin [Video] - VP's staff running from rudderless Kamala Harris | FOX

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2021.12.03 02:20 JazzLover_OceanView Incoming! OUCH🤕😬! Gotta know how to stick and move or a ReoubLIEcon will run you the fuck over.

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2021.12.03 02:20 ElegantMaize My mom's antiwork protest.

My mom worked for the post office for about 30 years, and she fucking hated it. I never understood her job fully, but she moved from a mail sorter to a person that organized mail for truck drivers and mail carriers.
After about 15 years she took some extra courses to become a union steward at work and started to utilize her new role to support her fellow employees. Effectively she became a pain in the ass for management for about 5 years and fought for basic shit like proper heating in the winter and air conditioning in the summer.
Due to her role, (and to be honest she's a stubborn passive aggressive woman) as union steward she earned the ire of her managers. Every time she called in sick for a day, she'd get written up and have to attend a 2-3 hour meeting with at least 3 managers, explaining why she was sick and what she could do to avoid getting sick in the future. She also had to bring in a doctor's note.
This got tired fast, so to protest she'd take a whole week off every time she needed a single day.
See, as a unionized employee, she was entitled to have a union representative at her side for every meeting with management. It also took about a week for her union rep to become available for said meeting. After each meeting she'd file a grievance with her union that she lost 2-3 hours of her work day to this bullshit and was unable to finish her work for the day due to her managers' actions. The other worker that had to cover for her on these days also filed grievances that he had to do the work of 2 people because of these meetings. It took a long time, a mountain of paperwork but eventually her managers were moved to other areas and separated.
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2021.12.03 02:20 Wagwanty97 Ufos in dream

Completely weird, was in a street at night with a bunch of people around I knew none, I noticed at first I thought was shooting star, but it kept moving around iratricly I pointed it out to a women next to me, she was in shock, then there's was more and more white dots appearing getting lower, they surrounded us in a circle shape, (3/4) people that was around me including myself all froze, everything went black and I woke up sweating and in genuine fear, never happened before in my life felt so real
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2021.12.03 02:20 SeSDRomer Who is the best American actor with the most versatile roles?

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2021.12.03 02:20 TrendsWide Future of North Sea oil field project is plunged into doubt after Shell quits

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2021.12.03 02:20 Chimeguy22 ⭐✨✨ Chime bank is giving $100 free with your first qualifying deposit✨✨⭐

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2021.12.03 02:20 superkamiguru21 Amended return finally adjusted!

Filed on 04/07/21 and after waiting an eternity it says my account was adjusted finally. My main question is, how do I see how long until the check comes in? And how do I see how much it will be? Hang in there guys !!!
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2021.12.03 02:20 TrendsWide Hungary prevents the EU from participating actively in the summit of democracies called by Biden | International

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2021.12.03 02:20 Dependent-Vanilla794 GRAZI MOURÃO -LINK PARA ADQUIRIR NOS COMENTÁRIOS

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2021.12.03 02:20 Free-Measurement-664 Here are some sketches from the drawing game I play, Draw Something.

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2021.12.03 02:20 SquashGlittering1381 i think he cheated on me but i’m not sure

i(21F) was in a year long, long distance relationship w my ex (20M). we recently broke up and i started thinking about everything. what i’m about to tell you started adding up in my brain. idk if i’m just overthinking or not. but…. a couple months before we started dating, him and i were friends (more than friends) we flirted constantly did things(iykyk) but one night he randomly told me he had been talking to another girl and wants something serious with her. we stopped talking. he came back a couple weeks later. anyways this happened about 10 months into our relationship… so my ex and i got in an argument while i was on vacation because he kept asking what was wrong, nothing was wrong but then he started being rude until i was sad. so i unadded him because i wasn’t tryna be sad on vaca. he stopped being nice and sweet to me around this time, stopped doing the things he did at the beginning anyways, INSTANTLY a girl replaced me on his best friend list. and she stayed his #1 best friend for weeks. but like i didn’t care i was like okay he has friends cool. i trusted him, but one night i asked him who she was and he told me she has a boyfriend, okay but i didn’t ask??? a couple days later he went on vacation. okay whatever. a couple months go by and i realized he had been snapping me while in the shower. (he hadn’t done that because we agreed not to because he felt uncomfortable w me doing it) he told me “i started doing it when i was on vacation”. AROUND THE TIME THAT GIRL REPLACED ME ON HIS SNAP. i let it go he got mad at me for asking him about it. anyways a couple weeks later he facetimed some girl and got mad because my text notification made it so he couldn’t hear what she was saying. when he sent me the screenshot of like the call log thing he crossed out her name. i asked him why and he said i was accusing him of cheating. all i asked was why he crossed her name out. anyways we recently broke up, and he’s completely over me in less than 3 weeks i know everyone moves on differently and at different paces but the day before the break up he was telling me he loved me etc. ***i had planned on flying to see him, i had the flight and hotel booked, but the breakup ended that obviously. he made no effort whatsoever to try and come see me. so i saved money so we could meet. sorry if this is confusing feel free to ask follow up questions. thank you!
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2021.12.03 02:20 porcupinegemini overwhelmed and fatigued. help?

this is a pretty heavy combination. i’m going about my days at work, trying to stay safe from covid, and keeping a steady mental health. i was seeing a therapist for a while and making some solid progress. i was always eager to share and completed all the reflection type homework that i was assigned.
i think the thing that broke the dam was when my ex broke up with me. it came as a surprise and threw everything off balance. i was overwhelmed and it got to a point where i needed to take a break from therapy too.
to be honest, i am not feeling remotely close to how i felt before. except now im exhausted and not at much emotional capacity for friends or another partner.
any advice on coping and is there a light at the end of the tunnel?
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2021.12.03 02:20 yodudejmoney AirToxic

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2021.12.03 02:20 TrendsWide George Osborne claims Queen asked him to tell President Obama to go to bed as she was tired

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2021.12.03 02:20 zombiemuss106 My dad tore the fucking ceiling down littlery.

So we went out had a nice family dinner and I got home and wanted to take a shower since I haven't in a few days. was enjoying myself a bit and my privacy and moved the shower head to the side. So a few minutes go by he knocks on the door and says the celling is leaking. I said okay got out butt ass naked to open the door he just barges in as soon as I did. Nothing was wrong in the bathroom but I then realized the shower head was by the corner of the wall. So I clean up real quick and then get out so he gets pissed at me because I didn't get out right away and my shower was aparelenty more precious than the ceiling or him addressing me.
So I hear crashing n stuff down stairs and he's just destroying the ceiling while my mom is screaming at him to stop over reacting. Like he littlery ripped the ceiling down at 11 o'clock at night. This isn't my burden due to his stupidity he could have been more chill. I feel like this is my fault be he had it coming honestly. My mom filed for divorce in August but he's still here and hasn't left. I'm honestly afraid to be around him like he overreacted so much and made my mom cry. I feel like shit for enjoying my privacy a bit now.
We just got into an argument I told him that I basically hate him and wish he wasn't my father. I dont hate him but I do not wish he was my dad. He's not normal, we explained that he needs a lot of help but he's not willing to get himself any. Only reason I went off was because he doesn't get it and I got mad that he said he wishes he could have a good relationship with me. I then told him he hasn't been a good father to give me that opportunity and thats when I went on a monologue about how I felt about everything.
I held back my tears a bit and was actually thinking clean and making solid points. He also made a shitty remark earlier I ment a FTM guy earlier and he wa pretty cool (I'm gay my mom doesn't know this but she would be accepting regardless and mydsd yes fuck no definitely a bit eh about stuff like that) but he said "you liked him didn't ya?" And I said even if I did now would that be an issue and he said Absolutely. And for the record yes I did like him he is a good looking man and stuff did him well. I'm a bit pissed off but it's just second nature with him and honestly I dont give two fucks. He stuck on stuff from the past and mad at shit that happened between him and my mother. I do want to see him do better and I hope before he dies I can be close with him but it's a long shot.
He also said he's mad because of how people talk to him and I told him we have to talk to you like this because it's the only way you understand it. He said we dont have money for him to help himself which is bullshit I called him out because I saw a receipt for $13 hundred and saw about 6k he has stashed in the garage. He's a very frustrating person I want the best for him but jesus fuck he makes me furious. I said some shit to piss him off more but that was out of spite and I get a rise out of people being defensive about something that is not true.
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2021.12.03 02:20 AnimatorJC M&M - On The Waterfront

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2021.12.03 02:20 dafer18 MEPs fighting for freedom in the EU. Defending peoples' rights against Mandatory Digital Certificate

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2021.12.03 02:20 fredrichniche I regret coming to go to Canada and it's only been a month since I stepped foot here (The reality of going to Canada as a student)

I tried to leave to Canada for the same reasons everyone tries to leave India, for a better life. I had a small startup company in India which was running well enough for a startup which shutdown when the pandemic hit and one of my partners committed suicide. It, along with a lot of other obvious factors made me want to leave India. I got into a college in Canada with a total fee of 22L for a diploma course and left at the end of October. One thing no one told me about is the housing crisis here and the insane living expenses.
These immigration agencies paint a rosy picture of this life in Canada full of opportunities and wonders where I get to work part-time and pay off my living expenses and student loans while living the best life possible. That can't be further from the truth. My father is a small railway clerk. He gets decent money enough to get me a student loan but that is it. We do not know anyone here in Canada, we have no friends or family here. The only people I know now is the people I met along the way. The college wasn't offering any accommodations and whatever it had was full. I tried looking for rooms and everyone's response here was basically that they'll talk when I'm in Canada. So I booked an Airbnb in Canada for 3 days, hoping to find a room during my stay there and left with a total of 400CAD (24,000rupees) in my hdfc forex card.
Indians in Canada:
It soon became clear the kind of people who try to come here mostly consist of wealthy Indians who can more than afford a good lifestyle here. Their parents are wealthy enough to fund them well enough and they also most likely have a family member living here. The second kind are the Indians who have some family member here and can live with them for a while until they can figure things out. People like me who have nothing and no one here are insanely rare and stupid to do something like this without proper financial backing.
Indians here are either the most kindest people you will find or they try to scam you. This one Punjabi guy sold me a 1$ travel adapter for 11$ seeing that I badly needed one while this other Punjabi guy gave me an uber ride of 30$ for free seeing how I was new to the city, both on the first day. Only Indians will scam you and only Indians will be as kind to you as one can be. Seems like there's no in-between.
Worst day of my life:
By the third day in Canada, when my Airbnb stay had ended, I had talked to this old lady about renting a room in her place for 1200$ initial deposit and this other guy for renting this other place for the same price. The plan was to go to the bank account and redeem my GIC money of 10,000$, roughly 6Lakh rupees. (which is the initial deposit I have to provide to Canada before I can get the visa), pay the rent and start living there. Things already seemed shaky but I had gone to a nearby bank the day before and they said I needed to have an appointment for that. This day, I had an appointment and I left as early as I can in the day with my total 70kgs of luggage (everything I got from India) to travel 90kms in bus to go to the bank, redeem the money and then take the room. If things go wrong, at least I'd have the money to fall back onto. My father had also sent me 1lakh just incase something goes wrong.
The bus did not stop where it was supposed to. The bus driver drove way past the bus stop when I was clearly asking him to stop and stopped somewhere far away in the next bus stop. It was a minor setback perhaps so I tried to take a bus back again to that stop, waited another half an hour before the bus came and he did the same thing again. He drove back again all over and stopped 2 stops over. Little did I know I had to pull a thin lever tied to either side and unless I do that, he will not stop no matter how much I ask him to. I was very far in another bus stop again. By then, I had dragged my luggage across at least 1km, changed 5 busses and hadn't eaten the whole day. The only ray of hope was to reach the bank somehow and claim the money.
I finally took another bus and somehow reached the bank. The lady, who was also indian, greeted me and then told me she cannot do the procedure to claim my money since it was 3:30 and the bank closes at 4pm. I hadn't gotten the money that my father sent me more than 2 days ago. I had a total of 100$ in my forex card. Apparently the bus service stops early since it was a Saturday, Banks are closed on Sundays, I was way outside the main city and so there aren't many taxi services, the cheapest airbnb costed me 70$ per night. If I book an Airbnb, I wouldn't have money for the uber ride. Even if I did take a bus there, how would I be able to afford the stay for Sunday ?
For the first time in my life I couldn't think anymore. I sat at the corner of the bank staring at my dying phone battery wondering what I was doing all the way here on the other side of the planet having left behind everyone who loves me and cares for me. I had everything back home. All my friends and family who could never imagine and can never know that I who would always take them around in my car would be so close to being homeless. I couldn't let them know either because I didn't want them to worry about me.
The bank lady approached me at closing time and asked me if everything is okay. Idk what happened but I couldn't help tearing up. I didn't look at her but I told her I don't know. She asked me if there's someone I can call who can pick me up and I said no. She then asked me if there is somewhere she can drop me and I said no. She asked me to try to find someone I can call. I scurried through my phone contacts to see if there is someone I can call and I found this number of this lady I met the previous day at a government office who told me to call her if I ever got into trouble. I called her up and she gave me another number. I called him up and he didn't answer but he gave me an address. And since I had some address and nothing more to lose, I told the bank lady that I have an address and she told me she will drop me there.
I had no clue where I was going since the text message only contained a name and an address. She drove me and left me on the sidewalk. I went up to the door and knocked. This Indian guy opens the door and asks me what I want. I tell him the name and then he immediately asks me to come in, goes out and carries my luggage inside. There were 5 guys sitting and watching the TV. I start explaining my situation and they ask me to sit down and relax first. This other guy was making dosas and he got me a couple in a plate. Once I had eaten, I told them what had happened and they told me not to worry since I found them and told me how they can crash in their sofa as long as I want to. They were insanely chill. We sat down and watched a movie and right that evening, they took me around in their car and found a room for me that I can rent. And then they sat me down and explained me everything I needed to know. I stayed there for another 2 days until I claimed my money and moved to the new place.
I couldn't be more thankful and its amazing how its always Indians who are truly there for me even though I have never met them ever before. Later I found out that my parents sensed that something was horribly wrong even though I had told them nothing and they hadn't been able to sleep for days until I showed them the room I was going to stay in, especially my father who knew my financial situation and got sick mentally torturing himself for not being able to provide me a better financial support.

Rent situation:
The rent situation is horrible since Canada has the most inflated and expensive housing market on the planet. I am currently paying 500$ (30,000rupees all inclusive) a month for living in a hall in the basement of a house. There are 2 other guys living with me who has their own separate bedrooms since they pay more and the 3 of us have a common bathroom and a common bedroom. All of this in the basement of a house. It may sound pricey but that is kind of the going rate after they got inflated due to the pandemic. I might find a better deal elsewhere but they all get sold out faster than MI flash sale when those were big. But at least I get my little privacy when the other guys don't come this side to use the kitchen that is directly Infront of my hall.
Most Indian students here live in a "sharing basis" where they share a bedroom between 2 people that will cost each of them anywhere from 380$ - 500$ (22,000 - 30,000 rupees) a month. And these rooms are most likely in basements along with other such rooms. So in a basement there are often 2-6 students.
I heard of this one rent offer where at the Ground floor there were 8 guys living, on the 1st floor there was 10 guys living and at the basement of a house there were 8 GIRLS living. Sounds crazy but it has become a normal for Indians here. 8 guys/girls in one floor means 4 bedrooms in one floor sharing a common kitchen, hall and a bathroom. It costs 350$ (20,500 rupees) for each person. It got filled in less than a day.

A 10km travel will take 9 minutes in a car, 30 minutes in a bicycle and 2 hours in a bus. It is hard to live without a car here. The country is designed for cars. And the busses, you pay about 4$(240rupees) depending on where you are and that will give you a pass that you can use to roam for about 2 hours or less wherever the bus company operates. Yes that's right, there is no government run transport here. This country is a late stage capitalist utopia.
If you want to buy a car, you will get an amazing sedan for cheap. But the monthly insurance can be anywhere from 180$ - 300$ (10,500 - 17500 rupees) a month. The maintenance costs are expensive. Every winter you will have to swap regular tires for winter tires which are expensive.
An egg costs 25 rupees each, cilantro costs 60rupees, tomato costs 70 rupees each and milk costs 105 rupees per liter. Food is very expensive. And so is junk food. This may look manageable but they really add up when you want a proper diet.
Mobile Internet:
One thing Indians take for granted is their mobile internet / jio. Mobile plans in Canada cost 50$ (3000rupees) per month for 8GB of data which is standard here and mobile plans aren't universal, they change for each individual costumer. If you can bargain good and find good places (with no Indians scamming you like the Indian who scammed me with my plan), you may find 40$(2400rupees) for 12GB per month which sounds bs compared to the 2GB per day plan you get in jio for 600 rupees per month in india.

This will all be perfectly manageable since we will be working part-time don't we ?
Part-time Job situation:
Well in theory, yes. You can manage all expenses if you work part-time. But it is complicated.
Students get a 20 hour per week work permit. And they all pay minimum wage which is 14.35$/hour (829 rupees/hour) which seems to be the only thing students who come here are looking at. Indian university degree or experience will not be respected in Canada. They don't care who you were in India. They only offer minimum wage, take it or leave it. But even that for 20 hours a week should give around 1000$ (60,000rs) per month minus the travel expenses right ? Well that is if you can find a job that will give you full 20 hours. I got a job that is only paying me 12 hours a week which adds only up to 600$ (36,000rs) a month of which 500$ is going for rent.
The jobs that give full 20 hours often involve manual labor like lifting weights of up to 20kgs frequently. It is basically the lowest job there can be in this country. They may even pay a little more that minimum wage but they are often in far off locations that consume money in transport. Indians can totally do that but that still is not enough since the food+rent will take up all the money. And unexpected expenses keep pouring in unannounced.
So too many Indians work for "cash jobs" after the finish their main job which is basically illegal work that is paid in cash so the government cannot track it, which is often dangerous as you can guess and a some even get scammed. But this has become the normal. Main job + Cash job is what one needs to survive and manage expenses and have some savings too.
So basically whatever time the college takes + 20 hours of cash job + 20 hours of main job and the rest of the time you're too tired to do anything else.

Canadians are extremely polite but they aren't real. There are very few Canadians who are genuinely care while most people say please and thankyou to everything for no reason. They are very very nice people in general but they also seem paranoid of other people. They keep a lot of distance from each other and they seem lifeless. Indians don't really mix with the Canadians very easily. They stay separate and in their own circles and I understand why.
Students here can't and won't tell the struggles they face here to their parents or even their friends back home. The pictures of them posing in these pristine streets and behind expensive cars does not show a true picture of what's happening here to them. Living in basements and working factory or minimum wage jobs after living a good life in India and away from loved ones is not going to be good for anyone's mental health. Indian students "get used to" whatever happens here.

And then what after getting a PR ?
Work insanely hard, hustle, finish college, get a job after college, go head over heels to get a PR and then what ?
I live very far away from the city and in this tiny town where I had a lunch with a kind Canadian family of 5 who was paying a rent of 2400$ (1.4Lakh) per month for a small basic decent house. And they tell me how they are struggling to make ends meet. And the houses here start at 5 crore rupees all the way out here in this tiny town and you can guess the city prices. Unless one gets a VERY GOOD job here or has rich parents, buying a house here seems impossible. Apartments don't really cost that much less. In contrast, the 200sq.yard duplex house I lived in the city back home, had a rent of 10,000 rupees (170$) per month. The rent I'm paying here will get me a luxury apartment in the center of the city back home.
I personally cannot imagine living in a country where I will need both mine and my spouse's income combined just to live a decent life and still always be at the risk of going homeless any day. The land prices at the outskirts of my city was costing 24lakhs for 200sq.yards right before I left. I cannot imagine life where in a city where basic commodities can be a struggle.
In India the wages may be low. But the if half your income is goes for accommodation, you'd be able to buy the house instead if renting it. My father pays 1/6th of his income for accommodation. And an average salary of 30,000rs per month like mine paying 8000rs for a full house rent, still left about half my salary for savings which could do a lot in Indian economy.

The cars may not be as cheap, the roads may not be as pristine (although that's slowly changing), the house may not be made of wood, the trees may not come in red color, the street selfies may not help parents brag and the roadside people may not be as polite. But I will have my self respect and mental health.
Being in India is not easy but it's worse out here unless you're loaded, you have an amazing job or your dad's a politician or something. I think about my family a lot and friends that I left behind to pursue what exactly? The pandemic pushed me and a lot of others to despair and we thought coming here would solve something. Canada saw a record intake of Indians this year and I imagine lots of them were pushed to despair by the pandemic like I was.
India is an amazing country despite all its negative political bs. My asthma inhaler costs 140 rupees in India, 1800 rupees in Canada and 17000 rupees in US apparently. India heavily subsidizes medicines that I have always taken for granted like most other Indians. Food is very cheap and road side food is ultra cheap while being delicious. People may not be as polite but they are real. Internet is surprisingly the cheapest on the planet. Literally everything is cheap and not just that, one gets to live a dignified life with loved ones.

Post Note:
This post does not apply to anyone who is rich or has a good job. Most Indians aren't very rich. Middle class Indians often seem to look at the rich Indians here and come here searching for that life. A lot of times, it's the taxes paid by the hard earning Indian public that got them that Lamborghini.
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2021.12.03 02:20 PrettyD6ix9ine ROTC thinks they could get Tucker as a guest. Two years ago they mocked Owen for saying Tucker knew him and had watched his streams before. Link to that in description of YT clip

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