Whats not to Kourtney Love about Teen Spirit

2021.12.03 00:07 caverypca Whats not to Kourtney Love about Teen Spirit

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2021.12.03 00:07 Homeofthelizardmen Ghost ship

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2021.12.03 00:07 daas_hu_gurudev_ka Who is the kaal in Gita Ji?

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2021.12.03 00:07 toko_tane Snow Miku 2011 by Myuga

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2021.12.03 00:07 retailsmart TA does not work with crypto - everything is a bet

TA does not work with crypto - everything is a bet The world of Crypto is the Wild West of Finance. Performance is driven by project validity/adoption, marketing/hype and FOMO etc. But TA does not yet apply. How does one explain this thru TA? Nothing wrong with taking a punt, but really don't believe traditional stock market analysis applies much.
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2021.12.03 00:07 xRenamonx Smiles

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2021.12.03 00:07 shawnomega Power shot.

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2021.12.03 00:07 Fair_Stuff_7585 Video says it all

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2021.12.03 00:07 TheDailyNick Coco Quinn's Boyfriend Gavin Magnus Wants to Kiss WHO?! 🎄 | HOT MESS | Nickelodeon

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2021.12.03 00:07 Small-Can3519 在网上如何鉴定正规真人实体靠谱平台的真现场同步随时

在网上如何鉴定正规真人实体靠谱平台的真现场同步随时 随着互联网的深入发展,人们生活的不断提高,人们也喜欢在网上做起了投资,娱乐游戏也成为了人们生活必不可少的一部分,但是由于科技的不断进步加上网络环境的整体我恶化,网上作假的事件不断被曝光,网上选择平台不能马虎如果细节没做好被黑是常有的事,有的刚开始玩就会被黑,有的玩了一两年也会被黑,为什么会这样呢?原因就是大家对网络投资没有自我保护意识,缺少对网络平台的认识,自己不懂得去分辨平台的真假。那我们该如何
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2021.12.03 00:07 the_pantaloons_ [OPINION] Did anyone else notice some anapests and dactyls sprinkled in *Beowulf*?

Hey everyone,
For those that don’t know, an anapest is a poetic foot that has two unstressed syllables before a stressed syllable. For example: “‘twas the NIGHT before CHRISTmas when ALL through the HOUSE…”
Conversely, a dactyl is a poetic foot that is the opposite in which a stressed syllable follows two unstressed syllables. For example: “TRUCK to the PLANE to the TRUCK…”
I’m still at the beginning of Beowulf and I’ve been watching a performance of it on YouTube to supplement my reading, but the occasional anapests and dactyls are quite enjoyable to read and hear.
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2021.12.03 00:07 Thelongroad00 Curve US Referral Code. If you're an American and have alot if Credit/ Debit cards check this site out. Allows you to change what card you put the payment on up to 2 weeks. Not launched in US yet.

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2021.12.03 00:07 Waluigi_69 Alternate version of Purple Substance

There was an upload of 3 hours of Juice wrld songs that was taken down recently and one of the songs was a version of Purple Substance with a really good beat. I have looked through many uploads on youtube and soundcloud but haven't been able to find it. For reference the beat drops on "cup" in the first line and fades away during the first 2 lines of the first verse until he says "paranoia"
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2021.12.03 00:07 glassgardenweirwood (Spoilers Extended) Why George planted that Stark ancestry in the Vale

Ok so if you haven’t read it yet, check out Thomaserys [genealogy post](https://www.reddit.com/asoiaf/comments/haslux/spoilers_extended_the_starks_vale_cousins/ about the relationship of the current Starks to various Vale characters including Myranda Royce and Lyn Corbray. Basically they’re all distant cousins, through Rickard Stark’s sister who married a Royce.
I’d like to put aside the cousinship issue for a moment to circle back to one of my favorite theories: the unlikely centrality of Anya Waynwood
In Thomaserys’ post about the Vale-Stark genealogy, they theorize that the Royce-Stark daughter (possibly the eldest) who married a Waynwood was married to Anya Waynwood’s older brother.
Anya Waynwood herself is an interesting outlying case of a matriarchal head of family. She’s generally understood to be a Waynwood by birth not marriage. One theory is that she was simply an only child and thus her father’s only possible heir (unless his wife died and he remarried and he fathered a second son). But if Anya had a brother who lived long enough to marry, as Thomaserys theorizes, he and his children/heirs ought to hold the Waynwood seat.
I will build speculation on speculation and guess that Anya’s brother who married Royce-Stark daughter was indeed slated to inherit but that he predeceased his father, leaving younger Anya—likely still unmarried herself—as the only viable option for the continuation of House Waynwood.
I believe Old Lord Waynwood stipulated that Anya was to be his heir and that anyone who wanted to marry her (and thus become nigh well a high lord himself) had to agree that (a) Anya was the boss, and (b) that all the children would have the name Waynwood, not the name of the husband.
Waynwood Sidebar 1: Anya’s husband must have been an interesting story himself, in that he seems to have sired competent, well-regarded sons, and also not had ego that demanded a subservient wife. (He also seems to be dead at this point in the tale, but so it goes.)
Waynwood Sidebar 2: A final piece of the Waynwood genealogy puzzle is the question of Carolei Waynwood Frey (deceased) and how she fits into the family tree. Her orphaned children were brought to the Vale and the boy is squiring for the current Knight of the Gate (following the Blackfish) Ser Donnel Waynwood. Young in-laws are often taken in as squires, so I personally suspect that Carolei is a daughter or granddaughter of Anya. (However, there is a very slim outside chance that she’s a descendant of Anya’s theorized brother, but that Old Man Waynwood favored his daughter over his granddaughter for whatever reason.)
So, now, we’ve come to the far-fetched (but plausible and evidence-based!) part you all will hate and call fanfiction.
I’m convinced that the Lords Declarant mean to marry Sansa Stark to her cousin Robin Arryn. It’s a flawless STAB Alliance marriage. The only Vale person who it really screws is Littlefinger. Now, Sansa absolutely will hate it—not least because she’s worried about being a bigamist seeing as how she’s currently married to Tyrion of House Lannister—but Robin would love nothing more that to marry his bestie Alayne and any/all anti-LittlefingeLannister partisans in the Vale would like it as well.
Anyhoo, what might Jocelyn of House Stark have brought into her marriage to Lord Royce of the Vale? Well, among other things, a maiden’s cloak figured with the sigil of House Stark.
I know I’m the only lunatic who thinks this, but I believe Sansa (not fArya or Alys) is the girl in grey fleeing this marriage they’ve made her. I think the lake in Melisandre’s vision is the lake next to Ironoaks Castle, not Long Lake in the far north, which doesn’t match the description Mel gave Jon.
And I think the grey the girl is wearing is an heirloom Stark maiden’s cloak.
This theorized gray Stark cloak: * was brought to the Vale by Jocelyn Stark * kept in the possession of her unnamed oldest daughter who married a Waynwood and soon thereafter died without issue * retained by Anya Waynwood’s household in the Ironoaks castle collection of put-away relics * deployed for a planned Sansa-Robert wedding for which the Alayne-Harry match is a deceptive cover story allowing marriage preparations without triggering the suspicion of Littlefinger, spies of Cersei, etc. * ultimately taken by Sansa when she flees the Vale the night before the planned nuptials because she’d rather die than be Robin Arryn’s wife/babysitter living up at the dead-godswood Eyrie for the rest of her life. If nothing else the cloak will keep her warm on her improbable but not impossible run for the coast. * When Sansa gets to Eastwatch, riding on a ship sailing from Runestone’s port delivering Vale grain bought with Iron Bank credit to the brotherhood of the Night’s Watch (where Waymar Royce of Runestone once served and died), she will be wearing a House Stark cloak. She will also be identifiable as Catelyn’s mini-me by Robin Ryger and Desmond Grell, who knew her mother practically from birth until her marriage to Ned, and who served in Robb’s lost army.
tldr: the purpose of the Stark ancestry in the Vale is to outfit Melisandre’s marriage-fleeing girl in a gray wolf cloak
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2021.12.03 00:07 therealmilanmac If we were all forced to wear a warning label, what would yours say?

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2021.12.03 00:07 Digo_Gil should i add mods for the first gameplay?

hello hello my dudes. i just bought terraria and i know absolutely nothing of the gam, but i heard the are a LOT of mod in the game and i came here to ask: should i install any mods for the first gameplay? and waht u guys reccommend for starting playing this game?
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2021.12.03 00:07 grandmas-dildo [F21] first thought?

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2021.12.03 00:07 humingster What is your favorite Smissmas map so far? Mine is Cascade, It's just aesthetically perfect in my opinion

What is your favorite Smissmas map so far? Mine is Cascade, It's just aesthetically perfect in my opinion
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2021.12.03 00:07 HotGarbage_FMJ A low effort phone wallpaper using the AI photo generator.

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2021.12.03 00:07 SILV3RAWAK3NING76 WSS SILVER FIX AND LOUNGE - 2 DEC 2021 5:50 PM (EST)

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2021.12.03 00:07 rossboss96 Mt Smyth between Jasper and Banff Alberta [oc] [4000x6000]

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