When should I release my Trailer

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2021.10.23 17:19 The_BattleBard When should I release my Trailer

Hello friends. Quick question for all you big brained podcasters out there:
We have set our release date for our new TTRPG podcast for Friday, October 29. I released a trailer for it yesterday on all of our social media platforms and have been promoting it on Reddit as well.
Some folks have been asking for my RSS Feed so they can follow and won’t miss out on the release.
I’ve been reading that podcasts that release 3 episodes at once generally do better starting out. So my plan was to release the trailer along with two episodes to take advantage of the algorithm.
Would it be better to release the trailer now allowing those folks to start following, or stick to my original plan and wait until Friday’s release to put it out with the other 2 episodes?
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2021.10.23 17:19 Derpazoid69 Found a Lo rune in trav just now

Should I make a Grief ? I'm currently playing frenzy barb as my only leveled up and geared character. Using Azurewrath and Lawbringer PB. Never made Grief before but I know it's OP. My thoughts are if I made grief I would have to rely on decrepify proc to deal with physical immunes and that would slow down my kill speed
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2021.10.23 17:19 LayDownYourBurdens All-American babe

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2021.10.23 17:19 Blonded-Surfer Lmfao so I’m delivering to this dude in a gated community

He didn’t give me a code, or anything. I’ve been waiting out here for 10 minutes now, tried messaging and calling and no reply. About to say keep the food. Should I say it’s delivered or just cancel the order?? Do I get payed either way?
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2021.10.23 17:19 Grand-Friendship-428 Need career advice.

Like many others, the salary thread really effed me up. Currently working as a Business Analyst at a WITCH company with 3.2 YOE, 7.1 CTC.
Been contemplating switching for some time now, but i’ve got the push, thanks to reddit.
So please help, kind people of reddit. Any career advice? Skills I could brush up, how much hike I can expect, companies to aim for? Literally anything.
Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.23 17:19 pokemonfan360 making an underground house, does it look good?

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2021.10.23 17:19 Desswink New (?) Bug makes the game unplayable, can’t die, can’t give up, unstuck and relog doesn’t work

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2021.10.23 17:19 MellyMel777 Why is everyone easing their prices?!

I'm not going to source but one and now another everyone uses and not by like 10% but $45 now instead of $30 for 6ml. Guess it's time for me to take a break.
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2021.10.23 17:19 BonnieB-007 I would love to see the Cryptids as a zombie type in Undead Siege, since we're getting things from all the different games

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2021.10.23 17:19 CanineRezQ What's your favorite Al Pacino character & quote?

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2021.10.23 17:19 EvertonFury19 Watford is the first team in Premier League history to trail after 75 minutes and still win the game by at least 3 goals (h/t @StatsBySTATS ).

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2021.10.23 17:19 CitadelDestroyer NFT Marketplace - Gamestop. What is likely happening given what we know now.

I believe that what we likely can expect to be happening is that RC and others are creating an NFT marketplace. An NFT is essentially a hash of digital data just like MD5, SHA, CRC, etc. The "hash" is the *token* that exists on a blockchain and the blockchain is the digital leger that tracks who owns that token. It's like deeds, receipts, contracts, etc.
Why is this important? As humanity goes in to the digital ages there has to be a way to deal with all the digital exponentiation that is taking place. So much of our lives involve digital things and it will only consume humanity even more(unless it all crashes down). There has to be some way to keep everything honest for the Financial Terrorists will continue to destroy and undermine.
I believe GS is probably creating a massive NFT marketplace where any type of digital asset can be traded among people. I will give examples then explain how the market place helps with these
Digital media - Artistic media that digital artists create - These could be 2D artwork of any kind, 3D models, music, sound effects, memes, videos, clips, even books of any type could be considered as digit if it can be put in a digital format.
Law contracts - Contracts are digital too. Your deed to your house is a digital contract. If you own your house having that digital contract as an NFT can prove that it is yours and and the leger backs it up(the leger doesn't(well isn't suppose to) lie. The history of the leger shows who owned that house ,or car, or unique baseball card, or whatever. Once it is on the block chain it is there to stay. You could even put your contract between you and your business on the chain to provide "proof of contract".
Ownership - These are essentially just contracts. Stocks are ownership. Stocks can be put in to NFT form. This has already been discussed for stocks but it's true of anything. A company could start up without any government manipulation(the government will try to regulate NFT and get it's hands in it) and simply sell shares through NFT tokens. You buy the token and you own part of the company and the leger proves it. Maybe a video game company creates a game and they release 100 NFT of that game for ownership. You want to own that game and so you buy it off them. You can sell it to someone else. This too is just a market. Any market is about ownership. A buyer is someone who doesn't own and a seller is someone who does.
Voting - One day we should go to voting by NFT. Your vote is an NFT. While this doesn't solve faking voting so easily it does track it all on the leger and the leger is public so anyone can investigate. Depending on how the voting is designed(I think everyone should have to give their name and who they voted for so these can actually be verified and matched to the proclaimed vote counts and this then would solve most of the fraud).
Much More - virtually anything you can convert or create in the digital world is digital and can be hashed and recorded on the immutable leger for proof of ownership, proof of contract(including buying and selling), proof of history, proof of action, etc.
In fact, as I said:
Any digital media can be tokenized because a hash is just digital ID. Hashes have been used for a long time to create unique ID's for different things. What is relatively new is storing hashes in a public immutable leger. CitadelDestroyer - 2021
You can verify that what I typed in italics above matches the hash using that site(or any other for md5).
Now if we took that hash(a number) and put it on a public immutable leger, then it acts as a record of that text. By including my name and date I've made it more specific to me. If anyone comes along and wants to "steal" my text and put there name on it then I can prove I said it first. So this also can be used to stop fraud such as plagiarism.
It's sad that we are in such a state where we have to protect everything because of thieves but that is the way it is(I have my personal believes on why that is but it is irrelevant for this discussion). By having an NFT marketplace it allows people not just create immutable data but also sell them. So if I wanted to sell that text I could then do so by transferring the token to you. This is done by linking hashes:
Any digital media can be tokenized because a hash is just digital ID. Hashes have been used for a long time to create unique ID's for different things. What is relatively new is storing hashes in a public immutable leger. CitadelDestroyer - 2021, 302618594b11c3cda6fabd01333088e9, You - 2022
and the new hash on the leger is
which is also linked to the hold hash 302618594b11c3cda6fabd01333088e9
in the leger so anyone can follow the chain of ownership.
Of course it will be more complex than what I'm describing and the more info included the better. E.g., if I sold it to you I could include the price in the text. If you want to make adjustments you can update it and do so and rehash it and update the leger(by appending to the chain, you can't overwrite the old stuff).
One day we can use DNA as ways to ID ourselves since that is nature's hash. Everyone has unique DNA and that is something thieves can't steal(they can but not completely since they have no way to verify they own you since you can always prove you own yourself).
Anything that can be turned in to 0's and 1's(numbers) is digital. Things that are tangible can have digital contracts associated with them. While it makes it harder to verify if something tangible is legit, the contract can be verified and traced. We effectively live in a digital world. Maybe one day we will figure out how to read the unique "hash" of things in the universe that the universe itself hashes(we can sort of do this for DNA and I think DNA will ultimately be our unique ID of ownership since it is something we can prove 99.99999%).
What hashing and immutability legers do is prove things(it's math and math is all about proof). Cheaters hate proof because they cheat and their proof is only that they are cheaters and they don't want anyone to know that(the good news is that the universe too has its own immutable leger so they will never escape their deeds).
One of the reasons why the world is so screwed up is because we can't proof what is legit. DNA, for example, has many means to keep from making errors as it transcribes billions of molecules over and over and over. It has error correcting codes but it also uses many of the tricks that we use or we use what it uses because these are mathematically based... and the universe is mathematical(among other things but at its most basic it's math). By having an immutable leger we can track anything and everything(as it will soon take over because most of us want stability and sanity. We and proof of things. E.g., we want proof who gave the order to drop a bomb at x-y-z and why and what happened afterwards. We don't want to take someone's word for it. We want proof that when we buy something it is ours, not someone claiming we own it but we don't. By having proof(math) that is immutable(blockchain) and unique(hash) we can figure out what the hell is going on and who did what. Ultimately what this does(or will do) is stop the psychopaths from undermining humanity because we will be able to track them down and figure out exactly what they are doing. Eventually no one will have any dealings with anyone who will not work in the proof system(and this is all about math and logic. Proof is all about showing the truth of something using logic which is just showing the details... the details will be in the blockchain).
Now, I imagine we are just on the verge of this technology coming together it will take decades for it to be properly implement in a way that gets humanity back on the right track. At first there wil be bugs, it will be attacked by the psychopaths, it will take time to transition and for humans to learn how to use it and for it to be integrated in to the system.
IMO, GS and others are the ones who are going to get the ball rolling. Sure there were many before, even millennia before such as Aristotle, Pythagoras, Fermat, etc and millions of others but GS is going to explode on the scene with a viable NFT marketplace that will integrate it all in to our social system. At first it will mainly be used to buy and sell things. Eventually it will be used for more general purposes. The idea is the same no matter what digital content one has and so it works for all things digital but it will take time for it to be integrated in to humanity so initially it will be used for things like digital artwork, digital music, etc.
By having such a system it really gets humanity off the foot of the lunatics who have set up the system to steal as much as they can as fast as possible. How? Well, the current system takes an employee, has them produce something, then benefits from that employee's work. Say it is an artist who create 3D models for video games. They get paid X and and the owners of the company get paid Y >> X. With the new system, the artist can create their artwork, upload it to the marketplace along with the hash and ledger entries and any other person who needs that artwork can then pay for it at the price the creator wants. The thing is, it's all tracked in the leger. Not only can the creator prove they created it(they will be the first in the "hash chain") but the buyer can prove they bought it(they would be second in this case).
We see these NFT marketplaces popping up all over the place but they are not properly implemented for massive scale and variety and they are rather slimy feeling(IMO). If there was a well funded group who create a proper market that has the features and capability to handle what really needs handling then it will take over. I'm not sure if GS is the one doing this or not but it seems that they are trying to push for something like this, that or everyone here is projecting it on to them. If done right though it is a solution from the tyranny of our primitive system. With a real marketplace that is fair, provable, and immutable almost all of humanity's problems can be solved as long as it is not corrupted from the get go. Only time will tell how it all plays out but it can't make anything worse than it already is.
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2021.10.23 17:19 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for intlprogvxzfaFS

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2021.10.23 17:19 CaoimheRoisin7 I created this for Aquarium Lovers. Let me know if it has been good or bad!

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2021.10.23 17:19 darkredwaters I will never achieve my dreams.

Ruined my life and everything is FUBAR. Fuck me.
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2021.10.23 17:19 Marcusprice13 Any UK Shooters here

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2021.10.23 17:19 coltranematrix Streaming… 🤦‍♂️

I have ESPN+, Amazon Prime….
A friends log in (who’s based on the East Coast) from his cable provider for Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and CBS sports….
And I can’t watch today’s game because it’s blocked out on Amazon (I live in LA - region locked to WA) and not covered by any other network/paid subscription. I can stream it from FirstRow but the streams that manage to load properly are garbage and buffer every 30seconds or so.
Is there a bettepreferred website? Am I SOL?
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2021.10.23 17:19 DuckerManRu Hello, can you say on what perfomance Thom did this?

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2021.10.23 17:19 NotTaken-username Carrie Stone

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2021.10.23 17:19 Ctmeast Increasing from 5 to 10 on Monday, after a week. The first few days were very rough, but I feel much better on day 6. Will I experience more of an increase in symptoms or will it not be so bad after first exposure?

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2021.10.23 17:19 ldsmatos Pesquisa sobre público brasileiro de eSports!

Olá codmobilebrasil!
Meu nome é Lucas Matos e estou conduzindo meu TCC sobre as percepções do consumidor brasileiro de eSports sobre os patrocinadores.
Sei que este sub não é sobre eSports em geral mas, como meu trabalho é sobre o público gamer brasileiro, acho que posso encontrar algumas pessoas que se enquadrem aqui!
Esse TCC é um passo no caminho pro meu sonho de um dia trabalhar no mercado brasileiro de eSports!
Respondendo e, se possível, compartilhando, você me ajuda não só a completar minha graduação, mas também contribui para a exploração dos eSports na academia!
Segue o link abaixo, é um formuláriozinho bem tranquilo, com média de 7 minutos de duração.
Muito obrigado!
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2021.10.23 17:19 Tashaabrnz F/20[chat]

Looking for a short conversation before going to sleep Open minded but please no weird stuff
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2021.10.23 17:19 Specialist-Extent-86 Are hunters laid back in pve or not?

I always thought hunters were pretty chill in pve, you just sit back and do mediocre dps and collect all the gear nobody else needs. But now I read that hunters are pretty high effort because you have to pull mobs and you have memorize their pathing which can be a high stress job. Is this true?
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2021.10.23 17:19 RecentSchedule4174 TRT suppressing immune system. Never knew I had EBV. Never had this show up in bloodwork until TRT

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2021.10.23 17:19 Cutebott Mgmt449 permit request

Graduating next semester.. Do I need to fill out a permit request for mgmt 449 if I completed all prerequisite? Or is it already updated on the system ? I checked the form online and it’s not posted yet so I’m not sure if they will have it available before my registration date..
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