Returning to the game and need advice!

2021.10.23 16:56 R1s1ngDaWN Returning to the game and need advice!

So I recently got back into the game and I’m looking for a new agent to play. I used to play tons of omen, So far I’ve been looking at breach, skye, astra, and viper. I just want y’all’s opinion not really from a meta standpoint but more of a who does what well compared to others standpoint and I love unique and hard characters to play. thanks for any responses.
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2021.10.23 16:56 whenaretheloopsready Looking for some advice on pos 4 Hoodwink, especially in the laning stage.

Love playing Hoodwink as a pos 4, her stun is amazing and she is very slippery (just like Mirana, my most played hero) so she just feels great to play.
Any tips for her? I sometimes find it difficult to win the "support game" against their pos 5 because of how hard it is to trade favorably on her. Even with a blight stone and some stats, it can be difficult to come out ahead when trading.
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2021.10.23 16:55 ewbands Confused (AMEX Interview)

So I applied for the Customer Care Professional position at American Express. Which is basically customer service. A day after I applied a recruiter called and told me that I was selected to attend their language and accent assessment. I passed the assessment.
Then I was invited to attend a video interview with the hiring manager. This was my first time I applying at a big corporation so I was very nervous. I did so much research and prepared SO MUCH. The recruiter basically told me that it will consist of an introduction of myself, my CV, some behavioural STAR questions, and a role play. So I made sure to prepare all of that.
I had my interview just now. But the first question from the recruiter really caught me off guard. She told me to introduce myself, but not related to my work. I was so confused?!?!! And I definitely bombed it because I prepared to introduce myself by explaining about my passion for customer service. So, I talked about my educational background, current job and hobbies. She then asked me about my family, my likes, my dislikes.
After that, she went on to ask more questions, but I noticed there was no follow ups to any of my answers. I also noticed that she didn’t really seem interested in me through her body language. But at the time I didn’t really think much about it since she wasn’t particularly friendly in the first place.
In the end, she didn’t ask me any STAR questions. We also did not do any role play. Which sucksssss because role play is my strong suit, and I thought that I was able to compensate for my bad introduction.
The interview ended in FIFTEEN MINUTES. I’m guessing that I totally flunked my interview :((((( But she did tell me that they will inform on the result next week. I have a feeling that the whole interview was off bc of my bad first impression :(((((
So my question is this: How the HELL am I supposed to introduce myself when the interviewer EXPLICITLY told me not to talk about work?????
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2021.10.23 16:55 Infernoparadize Liam's Bad Accent

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2021.10.23 16:55 ryansd123 How would you feel about a 3D Sonic title created by the Mania developers in the style of a low poly Saturn game like the Sonic World mode from Sonic Jam?

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2021.10.23 16:55 pawneegoddess93 Crazy moment at Kinetic Field

So between 1 and 2 am today, my friends and I were at Kinetic field to see Alesso. Out of nowhere my friend V got attacked by some girl. Then a random bystander was also attacked by the same person. It all happened so fast. Does anyone know what happened?
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2021.10.23 16:55 04HondaCivic It lives!!! I think…. It’s only taken a month but head gasket is replaced. It runs. First time doing a major project like this. Now to track down a couple codes and take it to a shop and have it properly flushed.

It lives!!! I think…. It’s only taken a month but head gasket is replaced. It runs. First time doing a major project like this. Now to track down a couple codes and take it to a shop and have it properly flushed. submitted by 04HondaCivic to Cartalk [link] [comments]

2021.10.23 16:55 Typhooni Massive coilwhine on Streamdeck XL

Hey Streamdeck users, I have the Streamdeck XL now for about 2 months, and I can't help but notice that it has a crazy high-pitched coil-whine to it. I tried lowering the brightness, but it has no influence on the high-pitched noise, does anyone else have it, and if not, do you think I can send it back under warranty? It's pretty annoying...
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2021.10.23 16:55 AJCarrington Giant by Giuseppe De Iure

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2021.10.23 16:55 IntelligentKingman Frequent Flyer Miles Achievement

I just few from LFBD to KSEA, a total of 9.16 hours to get the Frequent Flyer Miles achievement for it not to pop. There are so many bugged achievements in this game, it’s ridiculous!
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2021.10.23 16:55 limitlessdaisies Quick Survey for Class Project!!!

Hey!! Would you mind helping with a project by completing a survey if you can? It will only take a few minutes and I would really appreciate it. Thank you! :)) Here's the link:
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FAZIT: Mit einer 31-fachen Umsatzbewertung ist Nel im Branchenvergleich trotz des jüngsten Kursfeuerwerks deutlich günstiger als andere Wasserstoffunternehmen wie der Elektrolyseurhersteller ITM Power oder das US-Unternehmen Plug Power. Für einen Industriewert ist die Bewertung dennoch ambitioniert. Der auf Gase und Prozessanlagen zur Gasgewinnung spezialisierte Konzern Linde kommt etwa auf ein Kurs-Umsatz-Verhältnis von fünf. Fundamentalen Kennzahlen stehen allerdings das rasante Wachstum und die Marktführerschaft im boomenden Markt für Wasserstoff-Elektrolyseure gegenüber. Klassische Kriterien lassen sich deshalb nur schwierig an Nel anlegen. Langfristig ist das Unternehmen in einer guten Position, um aus seiner Marktstellung und dem Nachhaltigkeitstrend Kapital zu schlagen.
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2021.10.23 16:55 Cats_Dogs_Dawgs My brother’s cats love each other

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2021.10.23 16:55 howtospellcroklsdils davies or hernandez?

i have davies rn but im getting bored of my team so is hernandez good
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2021.10.23 16:55 Void-Lizard Made a couple dragons for fun by reusing my other dragons' ref sheet line art. Sometimes it's just fun to make character designs lol (OC)

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2021.10.23 16:55 HoodieFame5 Writers, what is your favorite arc to write?

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2021.10.23 16:55 howtospeakscience Aliyev and cat in Zangilan, Karabakh.

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2021.10.23 16:55 ivanbayoukhi When someone arrives at Wall Street Silver

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2021.10.23 16:55 SuitableWeb34 My heart aches, part of me wants my cheating ex to stay despite asking him to leave.

We were together for three years. Two year of real fun and adventure, but the last one turned ugly when he started being depressed, yelling and repetitively telling me I was responsible for his unhappiness... Turns out that's emotional abuse, folks. The cherry on top: a few months ago he admitted he cheated. It happened once, with a random.
Right after admitting the affair, he showed remorse for his actions and recognized how badly he treated me. He paid for couples therapy, he went to counselling for himself, he encouraged me to continue my own. For the past months he has been behaving like the perfect boyfriend, making all the steps to regain my trust - which made me feel very confused.
I forgive him, but I am so, so broken. I'm tired of living in fear that he might treat me like shit again. Therapy helped. I desperately need to move on, I don't think I can live with my (past) abuser. That's why I broke up with him this morning.
He is leaving tomorrow. My heart aches and part of me wants him to stay. I need someone to reason me and give me a solid reality check.
Note: I got tested for STIs. It was not a fun moment, but I'm all good.
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2021.10.23 16:55 iTookHisCat How do i trade to other IRL people online?

I want to evolve my haunter and need to trade it. How do I trade it with someone else (not myself) without them being next to mW in real life?
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2021.10.23 16:55 HelpfulYoghurt Price of Void Ore and another legendary items on your server ?

On mine(Vainola) it is 10 000, i wonder how it looks somewhere else.
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2021.10.23 16:55 TheDailyNick Hasbro Pulse Con 2021 - DAY TWO

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2021.10.23 16:55 MrsDynasky java help!!

Hello, I've been at a university for 3 weeks and I'm studying computer science. I'm currently studying java and unfortunately i'm having a bit of trouble understanding it all. i've been sitting on this assignment for an hour and just can't get ahead. i'm hoping someone can help me out.
here is the task:
Task 3: Strictly monotonic growth (6 p.)
In this task, you are to practice using while and do-while loops. Read a sequence of integers from the console (repeated In.readInt() in a loop) and check whether the successive numbers increase strictly monotonically. The input should end with a stop symbol x.
Read in a loop until one of the following two cases occurs:
- No number was read in, but the terminating x (In.readInt() returns in this case 0; In.done() returns false afterwards).
- The entered number is not greater than the preceding number.
After you have left the loop, check for what reason the loop was exited. If the complete sequence of numbers has been read in, output Strictly monotonically increasing. If the loop has been temporarily exited, output Not strictly monotonically growing, since X <= Y, where X and Y are the values at which the strictly monotonous strictly monotonic growth is interrupted.
For the first number read in, assume that the preceding number is Integer.MIN_VALUE is. Do not use a break in this exercise .Implement this task in two different ways: In the first program with the class name GrowingNumbersA use a do-while loop and in the second program with the class name GrowingNumbersB, use a while loop.
Example program flows:
Enter a sequence of numbers followed by an x: | output 1 3 5 10 20 x | Input Strictly monotonically increasing | Output Enter a sequence of numbers followed by an x: | output 1 3 5 10 2 4 6 x | Input Not strictly monotonically increasing, since 2 <= 10 | Output
Thank you in advance and sorry for these circumstances.
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2021.10.23 16:55 oumasaiEE Update on Dream and my child 😁😁

I am going to give birth in 1 month 😁😁
my m*om said I should ab*ort 😢😢😢 the baby but I said NO because I am not a nasi
Me and Dream had secks aagaoin 😊😄
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2021.10.23 16:55 RichDAiLLesT1 Not motivated anymore

Back in 2017 I hit a 12% (leanest in my life) bodyfat milestone and since then have probably packed on 60lbs of fat. My weight has always yo-yoed over the years but I've gained it all back at 230lbs and 30%+ body fat. Since June I've been back in the office and have little to no energy to work out anymore. What do you all do get back into working out and eating healthy? Where do you find motivation?
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