Genshin Impact - Mona Live Wallpaper 4K60fps

2021.10.23 17:30 Severe-Fox-9482 Genshin Impact - Mona Live Wallpaper 4K60fps

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2021.10.23 17:30 Death2decay My belly button piercing is about a week old, it’s been snagged at the top a few times, which I’m assuming is why that’s why that part is so red. But the redness and itchiness isn’t getting much better in the past 2 days :(? It hurts a little everytime I clean it.

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2021.10.23 17:30 soulexpert Архив супостата: Уurka class, ocean Архив супостата: Уurka class, ocean minesweeper underway. Морская душа. Советский ВМФ. #вмф #флот #ссср #море
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2021.10.23 17:30 Odd_2 Who’s Excited For Book 2 Chapter 12?

Cause I Am Really Excited For It And I Can’t Wait To See It
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2021.10.23 17:30 unaffected2 Tokyo R

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2021.10.23 17:30 NGeck0 RTX 3060Ti or RTX 3070

Hello :)
I have been searching for either a RTX 3060Ti / 3070 to upgrade my current build! I am currently running a 6-7 year old GTX 960 and was hoping to future proof my rig with a more powerful card. I was hoping to find a GPU in the $500-$600 range, although prices have been skyrocketing lately.
Please do not hesitate the reach out :) Thanks!
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2021.10.23 17:30 pau1rw Can't sell the Dog you adopted during lockdown? Just say its a stray and give it to the Dog Pound.

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2021.10.23 17:30 Olovor_Mersh Not exactly THE grilling dad, but still

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2021.10.23 17:30 sourapplle Plague - Wasp - Wrathful Breakout

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2021.10.23 17:30 hartrokk GET. CLASH. BACK. - That was the coolest and the funniest game mode, by removing it you made me start playing shitty Fortnite. I don't want it - I want Warzone Clash!!!

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2021.10.23 17:30 TiAge123 Was sind Personen in der Geschichte mit verrückten Biographien, die nicht vielen Leuten bekannt sind

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2021.10.23 17:30 tpy_ Bologna 2-[3] AC Milan - Bennacer 84' (great goal)

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2021.10.23 17:30 SentinelDrone Can people stop making Power 11-12 posts with this recent brawl talks?

I know we are all curious with some brawlers who have more HP or damage than before and when Ash came out everybody was talking about "gears" (which in honestly I would not like to see gears getting implemented as it's gonna add another layer of "get X for your brawler or die" and everybody started talking about LV11-LV12 or possible buffs and I was ok with as it also made me curious, however the sub started getting flooded with people posting the same things of 7200 HP Pam and so on, and as of this brawl talk the sub is getting spammed of this type of posts again, and I am personally I wouldn't like this sub getting lots of posts of the same LV12 thing when devs themselves said that was just stuff from the dev build which isn't going to happen in regular BS.
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2021.10.23 17:30 AdministrativeBee196 [2018 Camaro LS] Complete with chameleon paint job. Really cool IMO

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2021.10.23 17:30 MBMarcelost What's the song you always go back to when you're feeling down?

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2021.10.23 17:30 GrizzlyZorn [DSR] [xb1] sl57 co-op with me.

I killed O&S in this moment. So we’re do we go now? Lets have fun an souls.
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2021.10.23 17:30 ZoolShop PS5, Xbox Series X & Switch OLED Restock Shortages Continue As Retailers Save Stock for Black Friday 2021

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2021.10.23 17:30 didsomeonesay420 11 weeks, Creme De La Chem!First grow and living it👌🏼

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2021.10.23 17:30 the-duude What do you call an Algerian proctologist?

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2021.10.23 17:30 Parking-Condition817 Hey everyone 👋,

I’m not sure if anyone will read this but I will share my story because It’s literally making me sad a lot.
So long story short my ex of two years has texted me recently saying how you doing (toxic and very moody person and she’s older than me in a +5 years gap), it’s been long time no see and we kept the small chatting for almost 6-7 days straight which is unusual for me because I was super cold when I was talking to her and she felt that I don’t want to talk to her, then I decided to ask about what she wants, she said I want to be friends I said I don’t want to be friend with you or anything else I don’t want anything to do with you. She got mad and didn’t accept it. So two weeks passed she didn’t talk, I decided to send her a text of hey, I’m sorry if hurt your feelings but I don’t want to be friends with you because I already moved on long time ago and I would like to handle the situation like adults and separate in a friendly way, she said ok.. good luck.
Now i feel like I’m the bad person because of what has happened and she was texting in a super cold way. I truly hate myself for replying to her from day one.
She thinks now that I’m chasing her to talk to me..
I keep questioning myself, why i did it, just why I replied to her from day one.
I just feel like I can’t move on again, and I just can’t literally love anymore it’s like I’m trapped and I can’t get this imagination to go away..
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2021.10.23 17:30 PresidentJoeManchin Do you think there should be stricter punishment for the LDB committing violent crimes? I feel like we just get a slap on the wrist, both legally and reputationally.

So I have a mod that makes most named characters essential. I use this to test out spells, weapons, shouts, etc. on them without killing anyone important.
So anyways, sometimes I attack everyone in a town in broad daylight, and after paying a 20,000 gold bounty, everyone in the town immediately forgets that I attacked them. They pretend as if nothing happened, as if they totally forgot that I nearly shouted them to pieces and clunked a warhammer on their dome. Sure, they sound mildy pissed/scared at me for a day or two, but after a few days everything is all good. They become super friendly again.
Isn't that kinda odd? It really breaks immersion for me. Even when you attack your spouse (I've literally attacked everyone in this game, calm down) and they turn hostile, they eventually won't be hostile anymore after you're away for a bit, without even using calm spells. My spouse kept calling me "my love" and "dear" just a day or two after I attacked them. Like, what? They should have immediately divorced me, though unfortunately there's no divorce dialogue in vanilla Skyrim.
Here's how I think criminal punishment and reputation should have been implemented in Skyrim: If you attack townsfolk and the guards see you, you must either serve jail and permanently lose all your gold and possessions, or you stay wanted by the guards and they'll attack you on sight every time you enter the city. If you keep refusing to turn yourself in, the Hold will send bounty hunters after you. Also, if you commit a violent crime against a townsfolk, they will refuse to speak to you forever, even if you clear your bounty. Yep, you read that right. Me personally, I don't like it when the game hold the player's hand. Make the consequences strict. Perhaps if it's a minor violent crime like a punch or a few sword hits, you can give money to the townsperson to set things straight, but you can only do this once. If you kill enough townspeople in a city, you get the death penalty and it's game over, gotta start a new game buddy. We've seen other characters in the game get executed by the state for much lesser crimes.
Anyways, that's how I think it should have been.
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2021.10.23 17:30 RN_1371 TrAiN hOw YoU FiGhT

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2021.10.23 17:30 nummnutt Need advice please

Hi - I’m 42 and never had a girlfriend mainly because I’m ugly - / nice guy - been alone all my life- no woman wants to know me or give me a chance- it’s also effected me mentally- I’m lonely- sad desperate- never been with a woman- hooked to porn yet hate myself- my grandad died of cancer my father has terminal cancer- my mother is in a wheelchair- my sisters baby died- I lost my flat and job and made bankrupt- and had no one to be with - I’m contemplated suicide
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2021.10.23 17:30 Jack-Skeleton70 I bought on official Xbox 360 Hard drive to play Halo2 on my Xbox 360 E and when I put them both in I get something that gives me error code X: 5832.0 B: 1884.0. When I look it up nobody talks about it they talk about a different one that is similar. Does anyone know what it means and how to fix it?

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2021.10.23 17:30 JacksonKlo Giving Every Fighter up to 20 Alternate Costumes: 26. Mr. Game & Watch

Go to the Megathread to see what these posts are about and to look at the other posts.
You thought it couldn’t be done. You thought it was impossible for Mr. Game & Watch to have any alternate costumes. But I did it anyway, dammit! …well, not that anyone actually thought of that, anyway. In any case, I gave G&W costumes worn by Game & Watch characters who have the same generic shape as the one in Smash, meaning that any characters in these games with a face of some kind were not included.

  1. Default.
  2. Zookeeper hat (Lion).
  3. Helmet (Helmet).
  4. Diving Helmet (Octopus).
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